Dolomite is a calcium magnesium carbonate; the chemical composition being CaMg(CO3)2. We are supplying nearly 25000 tons per annum of Dolomite to different industries, especially the detergent industry. The Dolomite produced by us is upto 20 microns.

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Product Uses

Ceramic Industry

It is used as a filler in the ceramic industry.

Detergent Industry

Owing to its whiteness and purity, the pure Dolomite white mineral is used in the making of detergent and soap.

Iron & Steel Industry

Due to its strength and compatibility, it is used in the process of purifying iron and steel.

Rubber Industry

We offer dolomite powder that is used in the rubber industry. The dolomite is a double carbonate that has a structural assortment of magnesium and calcium ions.

Construction Industry

The most common use for Dolomite is in the construction industry. The small size is used as a road base material, an aggregate in concrete, and also in the production of cement.

Chemical Physical Component

Whiteness 92.90%
Brightness 96.00%
Particle Size 15Micron D-95
Retention on 500 mesh Nil
Purity Min. 96.50%
Chemical Characteristics
Loose Bulk Density 0.82%
Silica 0.85%
Ph value 9.20%
Acid Insolubility 0.96%
Specific gravity 2.84–2.86