Soda Ash Dense

Dense Soda Ash, also known as Disodium Carbonate is a white-colored powder. With Na2Co3 as the chemical formula, it has multiple applications like in the paper industry, glass manufacturing, chemical industry, Silicate Ultramarine, flue gas treatment, water, and wastewater treatment. The bulk density of soda ash is roughly 900-1000(KG/M3).

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Product Uses

Detergent Industry

Washing soda is an anhydrous substance that is produced by combining light soda with additional molecules of water; it is further used in the manufacturing soaps, washing detergents to enhance their cleansing properties - emulsifying oil stains, reducing the deposit of dirt during washing and rinsing, and also to soften water.

Paper Industry

Soda ash dense is used in the water treatment throughout a paper plant and also it is used in coating formulations. Majorly dense soda ash is used as a primary component in pulp digestion and bleaching processes.

Silicate & Ultramarine Manufacturing

It is a major component in the production of silicate, ultramarine, and bichromate.

Glass Manufacturing

Dense soda ash decreases the melting point of silica and thus helps in the manufacturing and shaping of glass. It is used in the production of light bulbs, tubes, glass fiber, television screens, optical lenses, and more.

Chemical Industry

Dense soda ash is used in the production of Sodium Silicate. Soda Ash and Silica sand are mingled or mixed in a furnace at high temperatures. Na2O and SiO2 are mixed in a relative amount ratio to get the desired result.

Chemical Physical COMPONENT

Bulk Density 1 g/cm3
Appearance White free-flowing powder
Odor The material should have no objectional odor
Total Alkalinity Min. as Na2Co3 ( % by Massa) 99.5%
Chloride as Nacl Max. ( % by Massa) 0.032%
Iron as Fe2O3 0.001
Chemical Component
Na2CO3 >=99.2%
NaCI <=0.4%
Fe <=0.002%
DENSITY 0.85-1.1 g/cm3