Soda Ash Light

Soda Ash Light is used substantially for the production of detergents, chemicals, soaps, textile, pulp and paper, food, water softening and dyeing, casting industries, and even in oil refineries. This basic industrial alkali, also known as sodium carbonate is a white powder easily soluble in water, with salt permeability. The bulk density of soda ash light is less than 500-600(KG/M3).

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Product Uses

Detergent Industry

Washing soda is an anhydrous substance that is produced by combining light soda with additional molecules of water; it is further used in the manufacturing soaps, washing detergents to enhance their cleansing properties - emulsifying oil stains, reducing the deposit of dirt during washing and rinsing, and also to soften water.

Chemical Industry

Soda Ash is used as an intermediary to manufacture products that are used to sweeten soft drinks, relieve physical discomfort, and in food and toiletries.

Glass Manufacturing

Soda ash is required in the production of glass, glass containers, and other glass products, to reduce the melting point of silica and the alkali effectively supports the shaping of glass


Regulate pH

Soda Ash Light is used as a pH regulator in many chemical processes.

Dyeing Industry

Soda Ash Light is used to improve chemical bonding between the dye and the fiber.

Roofing material

Talc is added to the asphaltic materials which are used to make roofing materials.

Chemical Physical COMPONENT

Appearance White free-flowing powder, free from dirt & foreign matter
Purity as Na2CO3 99.20
Reflectance (R460) 94.40
Volatile matter 0.35
Sieve Analysis
Retained on 30 # 0.50
Retained on 60 # 5.80
Chemical Component
Bulk Density gm/ml 0.580
Chlorides as NaCl 0.766
Ca + Mg Traces
Co Nil
Cr Nil
Fe 9.0
Ni Nil
NaHCO3 0.28