Known as the most preferable additive, Zeolite is used in various manufacturing industries such as detergents, PVC, animal feed, ceramic, paper, paint, and others. It is also used to formulate detergents. Zeolite has a high calcium exchange capacity which makes it reliable in the process of water softening.

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Product Uses


Many laundry and dishwasher detergents contain zeolite to remove calcium and magnesium and soften water so they work more effectively.

Chemical Physical COMPONENT

Appearance Uniform White Powder Free Form Visible Contamination
Odor No Odor
Particle Size D10 µm 1.05
Particle Size D50 µm 2.3
Particle Size D90 µm 9.8
Solids 80
Water 20
Bulk Density 28.5
Chemical Component
Colour Value L 96
Colour Value a 1
Colour Value b 4
PH (as Suspension) 11
Alkalinity 17
Silicon Dioxide 32
Alumina 28
Ca Binding 4.2
Nonionic 50
Co nil
Cr nil
Cu nil
Fe 40
Ni nil
Ti nil
Crystalline Silica nil
Asbestiform mineral absent